The proficiency of cure is based on non – contact exposure of biological material to laser radiation and magnetic field contemporaneously. The penetration into bio – tissues is 100 mm.

The efficiency has been proven by scientific research and clinical practice.

Basic medical applications of the device:
  • arthrology (diseases of joints, muscles, spine, treats growth of heel bone (exostoses), bursitis, halucsis, coxitis, arthrosis, arthritis);

  • dermatology (psoriasis, dermatitis, eczemas, abscess, herpes, acnes);

  • gastroenterology (ulcerative of stomach and duodenum, gastritis, gastroduadenitis);

  • gynecology (mastitis, inflammation of nipples or ovarian, cervical sores, erosions);

  • cardiology (angina, hypertension, illness of a heart and blood-vessels);

  • neurology (diseases of peripheral nervous system, radiculitis, osteochondrosis, neuralgia, liumbago, pain of sciatic nerve);

  • otorhinolaringology (tonsillitis, inflammatory of larynx, nose, ears, post-operating healing of larynx and nose);

  • pulmonology (inflammatory processes of airways, bronchitis, bronchial asthma);

  • proctology and urology (prostatic, proctitis, hemorrhoids, urinary diseases);

  • odontology (paradontitis, gingivitis, stomatitis, pulpitis, dental traumas and diseases);

  • traumatology (breaks of bones, wounds, injuries, burns, scalds, bedsores, stretching of tendons, muscles and ligaments, compounds, post-operating scars);

  • varicose – enlargement of veins, tropical ulcerative (poor micro-circulation of limbs);

  • sport and military medicine (stretching of muscles, tendons and ligaments, compounds, pain of a spine and joints, dislocations, traumas, wounds, scrapes and scratches).

Optical tips are used for:
  • expansion of functional possibilities of the device, i.e. treatment procedure

  • formation(spread or shut) and diversion of laser beam to hardly entered places, as treating inflammation of ears, nose, and mouth, and laryngeal, inflammation of prostate and ovarian. Tips are easy and reliable maintained in 1 second to the active part of device. They are allowed to be disinfected with the Standard dips, for example, spirit of 72%.

Advantages and use of LMP-010M device

The biophysical mechanism of the effect of laser irradiation and magnetic field therapy to biological tissues and blood have not been investigated enough. However, findings of experimental research provide an explanation of this phenomenon related to the molecular power level. When living cells are influenced by a quantum of laser irradiation, ion channels of membranes excite and open. The move of ions is then activated. The theory of screw explains how the channel influenced by laser irradiation gets into resonance. Such bio-resonance phenomenon is the source of excitation of biochemical reactions, bio-stimulation, activation of membrane and metabolic processes. Therefore, molecules are exciting, the microcirculation of substances is activating, the metabolism is getting better and the blood viscosity is decreasing.

Magnetic field influence on living tissues is positive too. Human organism consists of approx. 70 percent of water. If water molecules are influenced by a magnetic field their magnetic dipoles are orientating along lines of the magnetic field. In addition, this improves the conditions for quantum absorption of laser irradiation and expands the effect of laser therapy.

In order to prove these explanations and assumptions it is necessary to investigate fast physiological processes, such as biological effects when applying polarized coherent and incoherent radiation of different wave lengths, operating modern optical spectroscopy methods, which are difficult and time consuming.

Helium-Neon and Argon lasers have been mostly used in earlier medical laser devices. Recently, other devices of wide spectrum of electromagnetic waves have appeared. However, these and other devices of intensive light effect have little influence on a surface (about 1.5 cm of depth into bio-tissues). Other limitations include very big size of the devices and large energy outlay.

Last scientific achievements and clinical practice proved that the efficiency of the treatment depended not only on the power of laser radiation that affects bio-tissues but also on the radiation wavelength, because bio-tissues, hemoglobin, especially reduced HbO2, melanin and water absorbed laser radiation differently. Consequently, different laser radiation wavelengths are required for every living organism component. Due to the progress in modern laser, nano- and microelectronic technologies, new possibilities have emerged in designing innovative, subcompact, noninvasive, sterile, with painless effect, high efficiency and with high technical characteristics laser – magnetic devices, which can be applied in various fields of medicine.

This device has a number of advantages over currently used ones:

  • special healing efficiency – local influence of laser and magnetic field at one time into pathological place;

  • perfectly suitable for use in hospitals, polyclinics, sanatoriums, rehabilitation centers, first health care centers, dispensaries, wards, at home and on the journey;

  • originality of construction, reliability, high quality;

  • compact – all rolled into one device, requires little space;

  • miniature – can be carried in the pocket;

  • universality – usable in over 15 medical fields;

  • portability – it is convenient for carrying, transporting, keeping and securing;

  • multifunctional – modes (continuous, impulsive), exposition duration (from 1 to 30 min), powers of laser radiation (from 10 to 50 mW) and etc. stability of parameters and operative alternation of them;

  • simplicity of operating;

  • clearness of operational parameters- information provided both visually and aurally;

  • saving, restoration, simple change of operational parameters, permanent control, calibration and measurement;

  • individuality- suitable for use of every family member, especially disabled;

  • convenient, simple and quick fastening on a body of a patient, simplicity of disinfection;

  • long lasting autonomous supply;

  • small outlay of electric energy;

  • long working life of the laser (7 000 hours) and stationary magnet (25 years);

  • stylish design, esthetic exterior, modern technologies.

This laser-magnetic therapeutic device has a number of the following advantages over classical medical devices or classical methods of treatment:

  • allows to avoid infections, provide sterility;

  • non-invasive contact, painless influence;

  • laser radiation and a magnetic field can penetrate into biological deep tissues (depth up to 10 cm);

  • strengthens immune system of an organism;

  • can contribute to the effectiveness of medical treatment – reduce the duration of treatment and medical charges;

  • can be used together with pharmaceuticals or other therapy implements in stationary conditions and individually at home.

Scientific research and practice have shown the following complex influences of a laser radiation and magnetic field on biological tissues, blood and skin:

  • inhabitation of inflammatory processes;

  • activation of chemical and photochemical reactions;

  • bio-stimulation of a variety of human functions;

  • improvement of oxygen supply to bio-cells and of the process of microcirculation;

  • stimulation of the metabolism;

  • improving processes of healing, regeneration of cells, processes of organism self protection;

  • the device contains a mechanism for measuring laser radiation power and exposition time, a laser radiation mode (constant and impulsive) switch, battery indicator, operating program, a system for calibration of parameters of laser energy.

Device is patented, certificated (CE 2460), corresponds with requirements of Europe Union. Devices are proprietary, certified and recommended for individual and clinical treatment.

The laser – magnetic therapy device is versatile, multifunction, portable, non – invasive physiotherapeutic means , painless, sterile action. This modern medical means, assisting to treat set of diseases and is fine means of the decision and elimination of the formed problems of health. It is intended for use not only in hospitals, polyclinics, ambulance stations, sanatorium and other medical centres, but also for each family – ” the family doctor ” – individually for each member of family, for young and advanced age people, does not demand medical knowledge and special training, is intended for safe application both in domestic conditions, and in professional work, in civil, military, is sports – medical services.

Efficiency of treatment is based on non – invasive influence by depth up to 100 mm penetrations into biological materials, bioactive points, blood, skin by simultaneous infrared laser radiation and magnetic field.

The device is designed to cure various joint diseases, their inflammatory processes, regenerative processes, to cure muscles, artritis, artrosis, lumbago, neuralgia, inflammatory diseases of lungs, three-fold nerve, intercostal nerves, chronic gastric, ulcer and duodenum, internal organs. Proficiency of the cure is based on the non-contact exposure to the biologic tissue with the laser radiation and magnetic field at the same time. Such length of the laser radiation wave corresponds to the transparency window of the biologic tissues and is fully absorbed by them. As the clinical practice shows such complex laser-magnetic cure with the device makes the time of cure for 4-7 days shorter. The device consists of the mechanical part made by two heads opposing each other (every head is equipped with a laser), fixed magnets and quantity in the head can be changed.

The proficiency of cure is based on non – contact exposure of biological material to laser radiation and magnetic field contemporaneously. The penetration into bio – tissues is 100 mm. The efficiency has been proven by scientific research and clinical practice.

(with two laser heads)

Scientific researches and practice have shown influence of laser radiation and a magnetic field on biomaterials, blood, and skin:

  • active chemical and photochemical reactions;

  • causes effect of bio stimulation;

  • improves a feed of bio cells by oxygen and process of microcirculation;

  • stimulates a metabolism, accelerates processes of healing;

  • improve activity of cells.

Complex influence of laser radiation and constant a magnetic field can be successfully applied with medicament preparations or other physiotherapeutic means.

Characteristic places of laser – magneto device effect (fixing of device)